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Do You Need Dust Explosion Or Flammability Hazards Safety Training?

Written by AnnMarie Fauske | 03.31.15

Do you understand and know how to control flammability hazards?  What about preventing dust explosions in the work place?  Do you read about these things and occasionally glance at procedures or do you have a firm and confident handle on possible hazards?  Can someone you know gain from safety training?  

If you answer "yes" to any of these, take advantage of a training course as soon as possible.  Yes, we have one.  And, its darn good.  But, we encourage you to take one.  So much is gained in discussion and well, commiseration.  Seriously.  We have found after years of teaching and talking with customers, there are no dumb questions and lots of thoughtful insight gained with every course.  Will help you sleep better at night, too.  

 Otherwise, please contact Lisa Karcz, 630-887-5232,