Course Date/Time:

May 4, 2022, at 8 AM CDT (UTC-5)

Format: Microsoft Teams

Presented By: Elizabeth J. Raines, Senior Chemical Engineer, Fauske & Associates

This free two-hour webinar will discuss the design of emergency relief systems (ERS) and how they fit within your safety program. Important safety parameters and definitions will be covered with an emphasis on key components needed for ERS evaluations and designs. The course will discuss how sources of overpressure, (two-phase) flow regimes, and material property selection impact ERS designs. Three case studies will be presented to show real-world examples and further explore the impact of key ERS parameters.

This short introductory course is designed for those with little or no experience designing emergency relief systems, those who are interested in reviewing the latest Fauske Emergency Relief System Tool (FERST software), or individuals interested in gaining additional experience with adiabatic calorimetry data analysis.

Interested attendees will receive a free trial of our latest ERS software: FERST Powered by CHEMCAD