Nuclear Facility Testing with a Safety Engineering Company such as Fauske & Associates

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Nuclear power generation employ highly skilled and experienced technical experts who work diligently to ensure operational excellence; however, the number and complexity of systems and components in a nuclear power plant – many of which must constantly be maintained and upgraded in order to ensure safety and optimal performance – often require testing and analysis knowledge that is beyond the scope of a utility’s capabilities.
Our Services
FAI provides plant operability testing, nuclear facility testing and code analysis for severe accident phenomena to support both nuclear and environmental safety, as well as state-of-the-art methodology and laboratory tools for characterizing chemical systems.
Our Resources
FAI proudly employs nuclear safety professionals from around the world, speaking more than 17 languages at our laboratory headquarters in Burr Ridge, alone. We travel often and we also employ representatives worldwide. They are experts in Nuclear safety management services and nuclear facility testing.

Published white papers, lectures, seminars and webinars are a vital and constant part of our outreach to customers, universities, industries, plants and government. As leaders in the world of process safety for both the nuclear and chemical/industrial sectors, we take very seriously our ability to educate and share. Be sure to look for related materials in the left column for each topic page you visit. 
Nuclear Facility Testing with a Safety Engineering Company such as Fauske & Associates

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