Engineering & Testing Services and MAAP Services provided by Fauske & Associates LLC

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Engineering & Testing Services and Chemical Process Safety provided by Fauske and Associates LLC

We provide expert, custom,
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testing, engineering, analytics, consulting and training solutions to nearly every industry. We use a data-backed approach to solve complex process safety problems and mitigate severe accidents.

Chemical & Industrial

We specialize in custom reactive chemical hazards, thermal hazards, process scale-up, relief system design, flammability, explosible/ combustible dust hazards (DHA), process hazards analysis (PHA) and process safety management (PSM).


Custom design and engineering to ensure plant safety includes seismic analysis, obsolescence replacement and testing, D&D, computer software modeling, walkdowns, thermal hydraulics, Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) and more.
Plant Safety Testing Company and MAAP Services with Chemical Process Safety
Plant Safety Testing Company and Chemical Process Safety in the Netherlands

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