Agriculture Industry

AgriculturalFAI offers comprehensive services for characterizing, preventing and mitigating fires and explosions due to combustible dust.  Some of our recent agricultural industry services include:

Testing Support

  • Develop a cost effective test strategy to characterize material handled at a grain handling facility
  • Perform dust explosion testing to determine moisture content, particle size, explosion severity, sensitivity to ignition and minimum explosion concentration

Hazard Assessment

  • Conduct an on-site dust hazard assessment based on applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards

Risk Assessment

  • Identify and prioritize high risk situations and worked with the customer to develop appropriate and cost effective protection strategies

Safety Program Improvement

  • Recommend improvements to existing programs for housekeeping, electrical area classification, management of change (MOC), preventative maintenance and training 
Some examples of grain dust explosions in the US include: 
  • Inland Grain Terminal, St. Joseph, MO, April 1980
    -Killed 1 person
    -Injured 4
    -$ 2 M
    -Electric arc from damaged level indicator in one of the silos. Explosion traveled through head house to other silos.
  • River Grain Terminal, St. Paul, MN, June 1980
    -No fatalities
    -13 injured
    -Electrician working on live electrical while loading operations were taking place
    -Explosion traveled along tunnel to head house and then to bucket elevators and on into other tunnels
  • Train-Loading Country Grain Terminal, Fonda, IA, July 1980
    -No fatalities or injuries
    -$ 30 K
    -Electrical welding on a bucket elevator. Hot work as ignition source. Traveled to other bucket elevators.
  • Large Export Grain Silo Plant, Corpus Christi, TX, April 1981
    -9 killed
    -30 injured
    -$30 M
    -Smoldering lumps of grain entering bucket elevator.
    -Propagated to other elevators – head house – tunnels – silos and conveyers
  • OSHA 29CFR 1910.272 in 1987

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