Wood Paper/Pulp Industry

FAI conducts dust hazard analysis (DHAs) and develops combustible dust management programs for some of the world's largest pulp and paper as well as printing companies.  FAI provides comprehensive services for characterizing, preventing and mitigating fires and explosions due to combustible dust. 
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Testing Support

  • Develop a cost effective test strategy to characterize material handled at a wood pellet manufacturing facility
  • Perform dust explosion testing to determine moisture content, particle size, explosion severity and sensitivity to ignition

Hazard Assessment

  • Conduct an on-site dust hazard assessment based on applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.
  • Facilitate a process hazard analysis (PHA) to address fire and explosion hazards for their facility with a focus on combustible dust hazards.

Risk Assessment

  • Prioritize high risk scenarios and worked with the customer to develop appropriate and cost effective protection strategies.

Safety Program Development

  • Support development of combustible dust programs including housekeeping, electrical area classification, preventative maintenance and training. 

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