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Fauske & Associates, LLC (FAI) is a world leader in nuclear, industrial and chemical process safety. Founded in 1980 by Hans Fauske, D.Sc., Michael Grolmes, Ph.D. and Dr. Robert Henry, Ph.D., FAI became a wholly owned subsidiary of Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC, in 1986. FAI assumed early leadership roles in the acclaimed DIERS program for AIChE and the IDCOR program for the nuclear power industries. These activities led to state-of-the-art methodology and laboratory tools for characterizing chemical systems and computer models for analyzing severe accidents in commercial nuclear power plants used worldwide. Recognized worldwide for phenomenological modeling related to the prevention and accommodation of chemical and nuclear power accidents, FAI also provides advanced training and research in physics, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, nuclear engineering, computer science and other fields.

The FAI quality program includes NQA-1 conformance for Nuclear Safety Related projects, ISO-9001:2008/TickIT certifications for Computer Software development, and several ISO-17025 certifications. FAI is an Authorized Provider of IACET Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

FAI is also recognized for conducting comprehensive plant evaluations. FAI’s Nuclear Systems Group helps its customers enhance the availability and reliability of their operating plants while maintaining regulatory compliance, extending plant life and reducing operation and maintenance costs. With regard to industrial safety, FAI is a leader in the growing dust explosivity/combustibility and process safety areas. In addition to parts and laboratory testing, on-site consulting services are a key customer request for FAI.

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NUCLEAR Applications - Worldwide:

H. Kristian (Kris) Fauske, President, Fauske & Associates, LLC
16w070 83rd Street, Burr Ridge, IL 60527 
Phone: 630-887-5246,  +1-877-FAUSKE1 
Email: kfauske@fauske.com Website: www.fauske.com

Fauske & Associates - The Netherlands Opens!

In response to growing customer demand, Fauske & Associates, LLC opened our newest engineering and testing Thermal Hazards lab in Geleen, The Netherlands on July 4, 2016.

"We are pleased to further meet the direct needs of many of our European customers," states Fauske & Associates, LLC President Kris Fauske.  "The need for an on-site laboratory presence was growing, in particular, for thermal hazards. FAI’s thermal hazards group uses many tools with extensive expertise to understand and eliminate undesired reactions, accommodate process upset scenarios and design a client’s desired process chemistry."

Thermal stability testing aims to collect reaction rate data to assess whether a specified quantity of a material can be safely used while avoiding runaway reactions. This data is important when considering processing, long-term storage or shipping of a material. Among the many tests and services we provide are determining critical safety parameters to avoid undesired reactions. FAI performs heat flow and adiabatic calorimetry using:

• Vent Sizing Package 2 (VSP2TM)
• Advanced Reactive Systems Screening Tool (ARSSTTM)
• Thermal Activity Monitor (TAM)
• Seteram C80
• Accelerating Rate Calorimeter (ARC®)
• Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)
• Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA)

To determine required cooling capacity, understand process changes and scale-up implications, FAI performs reaction calorimetry using:

• Mettler-Toledo RC1
• ChemiSens CPA 202

To classify materials for transportation, FAI performs the following UN Transport tests:
• Class 4, Division 4.1 Flammable Solids
• Class 4, Division 4.2 Substances Liable to Spontaneous Combustion
• Class 4, Division 4.3 Dangerous When Wet
• Class 4, Division 5.1 Oxidizing Solids 

Manager of Process Safety Services Simon Hans Niemann and Márton Harsányi, both Chemical Engineers, will lead the Netherlands location, bringing many years of Process Safety Analyses, SHE-consultancy and HAZOP expertise to the region. They will report to Kenneth Kurko, Director of Process Safety Services.  In addition to managing process safety laboratories, lecturing and training (ExELect Experimental Explosion Lecture), customer data and reporting, the pair also have experience:

• Designing, completing and coordinating all-round thermal safety and plant feasibility studies for technologies intended for scale up or technologies applied already in production
• Determining reaction heat measurement with characterization of heat and gas generation properties by reaction calorimeter and PAT (RC1 + ReactIR, CALO 2310pro)
• Determining  thermal stability and reaction kinetics for reaction mixtures and synthesis intermediates by adiabatic calorimeters (ARSST, VSP2, PHI TEC II), thermoanalytical equipments (DSC, HPDSC, TGA) and reaction kinetics simulation software (AKTS)
• Providing process safety classification of chemical processes and compounds
• Participating in compilation of Safety and Hazard Risk Evaluation and HAZOP studiesSelecting and optimizing pharmaceutical processes intended for scale up and technological transfer to pilot plants in collaboration with API synthetic laboratories, API development laboratories and analytical department
• Providing technological scale up and related optimization in pilot plant in cooperation with development laboratory, analytical department and process safety laboratory; control of plant activities

States Fauske, "FAI has developed key instruments and engineering methods for solving process safety problems.  As a world leader in nuclear, industrial and chemical solutions, we felt it important to go beyond our on-site consulting services for our European customers and create a local presence for the lab work."

FAI the Netherlands location is a branch of WEC UK Limited.

For more information:

Simon Hans Niemann, Manager Fauske & Associates – The Netherlands
m: +31 6 1034 1550, t: +31 46 702 2794, Niemann@fauske.com
Urmonderbaan 22, 6167 RD Geleen, The Netherlands

COMBUSTIBLE DUST Applications - U.S. and Canada:

Mark Yukich, Fauske & Associates, LLC
16w070 83rd Street, Burr Ridge, IL 60527
Phone: 630-321-4788, +1-877-FAUSKE1
Email: yukich@fauske.com Website: www.fauske.com 

CHEMICAL/INDUSTRIAL/COMBUSTIBLE DUST Applications - Worldwide Representatives:

Dr. Uwe Hess,  ProSense GmbH.
Aretinstraße 24, 81545 München, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)89 21025852, Fax: +49 (0)89 21025851
Email: info@prosense.net Website: www.prosense.net

Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)
Dr. Adam Rucklidge, Scientific & Medical Products Limited
Shirley House, 12 Gatley Road Cheadle Cheshire, SK8 1PY, United Kingdom
Phone: 441 61 491 3068
Email: adam@scimed.co.uk Website: www.scimed.co.uk

China & Hong Kong
Dr. Jia Mengdong, Beijing East Sunland S&T Co., Ltd.
29B Block D, Majestic Garden No. 6 Middle of Beisihuan Road Chao Yang District, Beijing 100029, China
Phone: +86-10-82843682, 82843683, 82843684, 82843685, Fax: +86-10-82843689
E-mail: esunland@public.bta.net.cn Website: www.eastsunland.com

Paul Vanden Branden, Scientific & Medical France Place
François Mitterrand 01 Tour Crédit Lyonnais, 59777 EURALILLE, France
Tél: 03 20 12 52 90 ( or +33 3 20 12 52 90) Fax: 03 20 12 52 89( or +33 3 20 12 52 89)
Email: fauske@scimed.fr Website: www.scimed.fr

Dr. Uwe Hess,  ProSense GmbH.
Aretinstraße 24, 81545 München, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)89 21025852, Fax: +49 (0)89 21025851
Email: info@prosense.net Website: www.prosense.net

Sudhir C. Rai, BioZed Engineering Pvt Limited
213, Mastermind-IV IT Park, Royal Palms Estate, Aarey Colony Goregaon (East) Mumbai 400 065 INDIA
Phone: 28794050/28794051, Mobile:+91-9821245766, Fax:+91-22-28794052
Email: sudhir@biozed.com Website:www.biozed.com

Dr. Adam Rucklidge, Scientific & Medical Products Limited
Shirley House, 12 Gatley Road Cheadle Cheshire, SK8 1PY, United Kingdom
Phone: 441 61 491 3068
Email: adam@scimed.co.uk Website: www.scimed.co.uk

Shay Segev, Center for Loss Prevention in the Process Industries Ltd.
PO Box 175, Kibbutz Beit Kama 85325,  Israel
Phone: +972-54-4292950
Email: ssegev@nana10.co.il

Kozo Sawada, Technis Co., LTD
ZIP 102-0082, 27-2, Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo KANORASUBIRU 8 Issue 3F at number 34
Phone: +81-3-3230-2944, Fax: +81-3-3230-2945
Email: sawada@technis.jp Website: www.technis.jp

Latin America
Jeff Griffin, Fauske & Associates, LLC
16w070 83rd Street, Burr Ridge, IL 60527
Phone: 630-887-5278,  +1-877-FAUSKE1
Email: griffin@fauske.com Website: www.fauske.com

Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark)
Dr. Adam Rucklidge, Scientific & Medical Products Limited
Shirley House, 12 Gatley Road Cheadle Cheshire, SK8 1PY, United Kingdom
Phone: 441 61 491 3068
Email: adam@scimed.co.uk Website: www.scimed.co.uk

South Korea
Ignon Kim, Dongil Scientific Co., Ltd.
215-6, Bookyang-Dong, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-Do, 445-040 South Korea
Tel:+82-2-2027-5622, Fax:+82-2-2027-5610, C.P.:+82-10-4245-3680
Email: ignonkim@dongilsc.co.kr Website: www.dongilsc.co.kr

Dr. Uwe Hess,  ProSense GmbH.
Aretinstraße 24, 81545 München, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)89 21025852, Fax: +49 (0)89 21025851
Email: info@prosense.net Website: www.prosense.net

Ivan Lin, Xinlinya Industry Co.,LTD
2F.-2, No.71-7, Jingping Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan (R.O.C.), Postcode: 23578
Phone :( +886) 2-2940-5726, Fax :(+886) 2-2940-1039, MOB: 0953659719
Email: ivanlin.tony@msa.hinet.net

United Kingdom
Dr. Adam Rucklidge, Scientific & Medical Products Limited
Shirley House, 12 Gatley Road Cheadle Cheshire, SK8 1PY, United Kingdom
Phone: 441 61 491 3068
Email: adam@scimed.co.uk Website: www.scimed.com

For areas not mentioned here, please contact:

Jeff Griffin, Fauske & Associates, LLC
16w070 83rd Street, Burr Ridge, IL 60527
Phone: 630-887-5278, +1-877-FAUSKE1
Email: griffin@fauske.com Website: www.fauske.com

H. Kristian Fauske, President

In his more than 25 years with FAI, Mr. Fauske has performed jobs including accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll, eventually becoming Manager of Operations.  He oversaw the shop, inventory, management and aggressively grew the chemical business. He progressed to Vice President of Operations and Chemical Systems in 1998 where he was the overall growth leader for Marketing and Business Development, Chemical Systems, SAP Development (Finance & Operations), Human Performance, Safety, Human Resources, Procurement, Compensation and Benefits lead. He was named President in 2011.

Interacting daily with customers and employees, managing projects and interfacing with corporate Westinghouse, of which FAI is a wholly owned subsidiary, Mr. Fauske is involved with both the chemical/industrial and nuclear process safety sides of FAI.

Mr. Fauske started many businesses within FAI over the years, including expanding consumables and developing different tests currently performed.  Taking the core business of chemical Relief System tests to a one-stop shop for thermal hazards and the core nuclear business from severe accident management to other plant services as well as other safety services is among his achievements.

Mr. Fauske focuses on making safety the highest priority at FAI.  Next, maintaining a positive work environment is key. These priorities, combined with personalized customer care are the formula for continued growth at FAI.   


B.S., Business Administration, University of Tampa
Certified Westinghouse Customer First Green Belt
Darden School of Business
Disney Management Program
Notary Public – State of IL
Licensed Real Estate Broke

William Edward Berger, Jr., Senior Vice President

As Senior Vice President, Mr. Berger is responsible for the operation of the Engineering Services, Methods Development and Waste Technology divisions of FAI.  These divisions address a compendium of activities relating to the nuclear industry including Post-Fukushima modifications, development of the Molecular Accident Analysis Program (MAAP – an EPRI [Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.] owned product) and issues relating to plant safety analysis through thermal hydraulic analysis.  Outside of operational activities, Mr. Berger works on issues related to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), equipment qualification and obsolescence.  FAI’s materials lab is used to identify materials such that replacement components can be justified.  This lab is also used to assess cable aging mechanisms.  Component accident analysis is performed using the FAI LOCA chamber. Mr. Berger has also designed laboratory instruments such as the Super Magnetic Stirrer and is involved in the design of a system for control rod position indication using magneto resistors. Additionally, he has been engaged in the design of wireless instruments and has assessed diverse means for measuring water levels in a Boiling Water Reactor.

Mr.Berger began as an electrical analyst designing and controlling power systems through performance of voltage drop and short circuit calculations as well as developing protective relay schemes. He participated in the design of numerous nuclear plant systems for both NSSS and BOP including control circuits, motors, valves, diesel generators and interfaces with the reactor protection system. System design entailed the development of required instrumentation circuits including 4 to 20 ma current loops.  He has been responsible for modifications to existing nuclear stations where he is involved with all aspects including licensing and set point evaluation.

A member of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Mr. Berger is a former chairman of the Station Blackout Committee, Working Group 4.3.  He has authored 15 publications. 


MS, Electrical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL - 1976
BS, Electrical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN - 1972
Reg. Professional Engineer, State of Illinois
DeVry Institute of Technology, Adjunct Faculty, Teaching Mathematics for AC & DC Circuit Analysis

Hans K. Fauske, D.Sc., Emeritus President and Regent Advisor

Hans K. Fauske, D.Sc., is Emeritus President and Regent Advisor of Fauske & Associates, Inc., wholly owned subsidiary of Westinghouse Electric Company. 

Since leaving Argonne National Laboratory in 1980 where he served as the first Director of the DOE Fast Reactor Safety Technology Management Center and was generally considered to be the leading world authority on fast breeder reactor safety, he has been involved in projects covering a wide range of safety issues in the nuclear power and chemical process industries.  He served as Senior Consultant to the Industry Degraded Core Rulemaking program (IDCOR) which resulted in the MAAP computer models for analyzing severe accidents in commercial nuclear power plants being used worldwide, and as Senior Technical Advisor to the Clinch River Breeder Project with overall responsibility for the severe accident energetics assessment which contribute to successful licensing of the U.S. advanced sodium-cooled fast breeder reactor design.  He also provided overall technical direction for the AIChE Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems (DIERS), funded by 28 chemical firms in the U.S. and abroad, which led to state-of-the-art methodology and laboratory tools for characterizing chemical systems and designing relief systems for storage and process equipment worldwide.  In the nineties, he produced resolution of chemical vulnerabilities in the U.S. Hanford high-level waste tanks supporting Containment-In-Place as a long terms alternative, with potential savings of many billions of dollars.

Dr. Fauske has published more than 200 scientific articles and holds numerous patents in the areas of nuclear and chemical process safety.  He was a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries and the International Journal of Multi-Phase Flow, and is currently serving as a member of the editorial board of AIChE Progress Safety Process Journal.  He has taught at several universities in the U.S.A. and abroad and served as the sixth BASF Renowned Scientist Lecturer from 1989 to 1990.  He is a fellow of both the American Nuclear Society and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.  In 1975, he became the first person in the field of nuclear reactor technology to receive the University of Chicago Medal for Distinguished Performance at Argonne National Laboratory.  In 1982, he became the third recipient of the Tommy Thompson Award, the highest honor that the American Nuclear Society bestows in the field of reactor safety.  In 1991, he received the ANS Thermal-Hydraulics Division Technical Achievement Award, in 1992 the prestigious AIChE Donald Q. Kern Award for his significant contributions in the area of nuclear and chemical process safety, and in 1996 the AIChE Robert E. Wilson Award in Nuclear Chemical Engineering for his leadership and contributions in developing methods to help assure safety in the nuclear power and chemical process industries.  In 2004, he received the Outstanding Achievement Award, from the University of Minnesota, for demonstrating outstanding achievements in his field on an international level, and in 2012 became the recipient of ANS George C. Laurence Pioneering Award for Nuclear Safety in recognition of his lifetime of pioneering contributions towards the enhancement of nuclear safety.


M.Sc. Chemical Engineering from University of Minnesota

D.Sc. from the Norwegian Institute of Technology

Robert E. Henry, Ph.D., Emeritus Senior Vice President and Regent Consultant

Dr. Robert E. Henry is an Emeritus Senior Vice President, Regent Consultant and co-founder of FAI which was started in 1980.  In this position, he has been responsible for developing the understanding of pressurized and boiling light water reactors during severe accident conditions.  This knowledge base has been integrated into a large system code called MAAP (Modular Accident Analysis Program).  MAAP has gained widespread acceptance in the domestic and foreign nuclear industry.  This computer code models such phenomena as when core damage would (and would not) occur, core overheating, hydrogen formation, distribution, and combustion within the containment, debris distribution, debris bed coolability, challenges to reactor vessel integrity, core-concrete attack, fission product release, transport and deposition, etc. 

He was a member of the EPRI (industry) team that assessed the reactor behavior following the Three Mile Island - Unit 2 accident and he was also one of the Industry Representatives in the U.S. delegation to IAEA /Vienna to evaluate the Russian interpretation of the Chernobyl Unit 4 accident.  In addition he has served on NRC review panels to evaluate ongoing research.  As a result of his experience, Dr. Henry was chosen to author the EPRI Technical Basis Report for supporting the development of Severe Accident Management Guidelines for all four U.S. reactor types.

Dr. Henry’s areas of expertise are severe accidents, two-phase flow and boiling heat transfer as well as waterhammer phenomena.  In particular, he, along with Dr. Fauske, authored the Henry-Fauske two-phase critical flow model which has been used to analyze the blowdown behaviors for nuclear plants in all of the nuclear power countries. 

Previously Dr. Henry held a number of responsible research and development positions at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) from 1969 to 1980 including Associate Director of the Reactor Analysis and Safety Division.

Dr. Henry has published more than 150 articles in the areas of nuclear safety and engineering and has authored, or co-authored six U.S. patents as well as a book on the accident management lessons from the TMI-2 accident.  He is a member of the American Nuclear Society and in 1985, he received the Tommy Thompson Award:  the highest honor the American Nuclear Society gives in the field of reactor safety.  Dr. Henry also received an Award for Outstanding Engineering Accomplishment from the College of Engineering, University of Notre Dame, in 1990.


University of Notre Dame, BS, MS, and Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, 1962, 1964, and 1967


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