Do You Know How To Identify Reactive Chemical Systems?

Explosible vapor

Chemical reactivity hazards can occur when there is a deviation from the desired reaction and/or process conditions. Similarly, there can be potential hazards present during storage, handling or blending/formulation. It is necessary to understand the potential hazards of each material or blend of materials being handled or processed. This information can be used to define safe limits (temperature, pressure, concentration, etc.) for handling or storage. Adequately investigating reactive chemical hazards as well as understanding the impact of process changes or deviations should lead to the identification and installation of appropriate safeguards. If undesired process conditions occur in a system that does not have adequate safeguards, this can lead to a thermal runaway reaction/decomposition which can result in overpressurization of a vessel resulting in vessel failure and other catastrophic consequences.  Contact us to find out four key points in chemical reactivity management. We are happy to assist with your needs.