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Do A Combustible Dust Test To Prevent Explosions

Posted by AnnMarie Fauske on May 19, 2015 10:59:00 AM

Combustible dust explosions can happen in a confined workspace without notice. Listen to A Safety Expert Talk interview with dust and flammability expert Dr. Ashok Dastidar, Fauske & Associates, LLC.

Dr. Dastidar discusses a Go/No-Go test, and how to collect a sample of dust in your facility in “Do A Combustible Dust Test".  

Listen to the podcast in one of two ways. Visit  iTunes Safety Experts Talk  Podcast page here. Then select View In iTunes. Podcast #14,  “Do A Combustible Dust Test".

Both fine metal and organic particles can burst into flames. Dr. Dastidar warns that dust which comes from something that isn’t normally flammable can actually explode. For example, a steel rod may not burn. But, if you make very fine steel powder, the increased surface area allows it to burn rapidly. In other words, explode.

All industrial or manufaturing plants encounter some degree of dust particles. Collecting samples for testing is simple and relatively inexpensive. Combustibility testing, combustible hazards, fire hazard, flammable hazard, flammable dust - all these terms fall within a growing number of search terms regarding concern for facility safety.  Are you one who Googles this concern and moves on?  Or, are you taking action to protect?

_45Dr. Ashok Dastidar, PhD,  MBA

Vice President, Dust & Flammability Testing and Consulting Services, Fauske & Associates, LLC



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