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What is Fire Protection Assessment and Engineering?

Posted by The Fauske Team on 08.27.19



Fire ProtectionHow are you reviewing your risk assessment findings and determining if there are recommendations and next steps for fire protection? This analysis should include the re-baselining of fire areas to support a fire hazard analysis (FHA). A thorough product is an overall matrix to address audit findings, risk assessment findings and open recommendations.

Fire Protection Engineering provides innovative engineering solutions to complex fire hazards for industrial applications.  Experienced teams can provide prescriptive and performance based fire safety solutions that ensure results.  As a specialty, fire protection engineering involves detailed technical understanding of combustibles and ignition sources, their effect on the building environments, and most importantly, the impact of fires on humans.

According to VP of Operations for Fauske & Associates, LLC Zachary Hachmeister, "Finding a qualified team with expansive fire hazard knowledge who will provide a timeline, budget and solutions can be a challenge. You will want to be sure your engineering and testing lab can provide the following services:"

  • Facility Fire Assessments and Surveys
    • Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA)
    • Inspections and Existing Condition Assessments
    • Vendor Document Reviews
  • Fire Code Compliance Analysis
    • Hazard Analysis
    • Combustible Loading
  • Regulatory Compliance (OSHA)
    • Fire Protection Program Evaluation and Development
  • Life Safety Consulting
    • Life Safety Analysis
    • Egress Analysis
  • Fire Protection System Design
    • Manual Fire Protection Systems
    • Fire Protection Pumps
    • Fire Barrier Design and Requirements
    • System Maintenance Program
    • Seismic Standpipes Fire Protection System Design
    • Structural Fireproofing
  • Fire Suppression Design
    • Automatic Water Based Systems
    • Clean Agent Fire Suppression Design
    • Dry Powder Fire Suppression Design
  • Fire Detection and Alarm Design
    • General Device and Panel Layout
    • Control Panel Programming for Detection, Notification and Initiation
    • Auxiliary Interfacing with Dampers, Fans, Elevators and Other Miscellaneous Equipment
    • Plant and/or Facility Networking
  • Special Hazards System Design
  • Fire Science Research, Development and Testing
  • Fire Modeling and Testing

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