Cosmetic Industry

CosmeticsFAI offers testing services to characterize reactivity, flammability and combustible dust hazards as well as support services for preventing and mitigating consequences due to unwanted reactivity and fires and explosions due to combustible dust. 

Testing Services

  • Perform dust explosion testing to determine moisture content, particle size, explosion severity and sensitivity to ignition
  • Perform flammability hazards for liquid/gas mixtures at a variety of conditions
  • Provide adiabatic calorimeters to companies who routinely perform testing
  • Perform contract testing on desired reactions using reaction calorimetry
  • Perform contract testing on undesired reactions due to upset scenarios using adiabatic calorimetry

Hazard Assessment

  • Conduct an on-site combustible dust hazard assessment based on applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards
  • Apply calorimetry information to satisfy PSM requirements for Process Safety Information (PSI)
  • Identify reactive chemical hazards and thermal instability for storage or transportation

Consequence Analysis

  • Ensure design basis of emergency relief system design including effluent handling considerations are appropriate and adequate
  • Ensure compliance with API 520/521 and API 2000m, NFPA, NEP and OSHA standards

Safety Program Support

  • Ensure combustible dust hazard identification, prevention and mitigation strategies are incorporated into existing programs
  • Process development support to ensure safe scale-up throughout the development cycle
  • Determine critical process parameters to avoid or mitigate unwanted reactivity
  • Develop customized scale-up program designed for safer operation at various stages
  • Audit of existing safety program with gap analysis
  • Independent safety assessment

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