Industrial Safety Management Services

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Industrial Plant Safety

Our Chemical Testing Practices

Our experts provide state-of-the-art laboratory testing services to cater to your OSHA, NEP, NFPA, ASTM, PSM, PHA, HAZOP/LOPA needs. Testing for Combustible DustFlammable Dust, Adiabatic Calorimetry & Instrumentation, Reaction Calorimetry & Instrumentation, UN-DOT, Industrial Plant Safety and Thermal Stability are among our many offerings. 

The FAI quality program includes NQA-1 conformance for Nuclear Safety Related projects, ISO-9001/TickIT certifications for Computer Software development, and several ISO-17025 certifications.

Industrial Plant Safety Services

Chemical Testing Services

On-site assessments, Risk Management Services, Calculations, DIERS Methodology, Relief System Design, Chemical and Industrial Testing Services, Industrial Plant Safety and Safety Program Reviews are just some of the safety related services offered by FAI. We also produce an extensive parts & equipment catalog shown here in our website store. FAI also customizes parts as requested.

Industrial Plant Safety

Our Resources

Fauske & Associates, LLC proudly employs process safety professionals and industrial plant safety from around the world, speaking more than 17 languages at our laboratory headquarters in Burr Ridge, alone. We travel often and we also employ representatives worldwide for chemical & industrial testing serivces.

Published white papers, lectures, seminars and webinars are a vital and constant part of our outreach to customers, universities, industries, plants and government. As leaders in the world of process safety for both the nuclear and chemical/industrial sectors, we take very seriously our ability to educate and share about chemical and industrial testing services. Be sure to look for related materials on each topic page you visit.