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Are you "Cook Booking"? A Questioning Attitude Checklist

Posted by The Fauske Team on 05.02.16

In your company's Human Performance bag of tricks, there must be something that reminds each employee that he or she has a role and responsibility in error prevention, right?  One of the ways we like to drive that message home is by encouraging all to keep a questioning AND receptive attitude. 

"Cook-booking" of procedures (or, mindless compliance) and over-reliance on rules of thumb tend to promote an unthinking response to perceived simple problems and will eventually lead to rule-based errors.

A healthy questioning attitude will help improve recognition of actual or possible mistakes. Questioning_Att_-_0316..jpg

1. Before you start a test...

- Is there a better method to run the test?
- Is there a test appropriate for this type of test?
- Is the sample attached to the test specimen correctly?
- What are the expected results?
- If the sample or equipment breaks, will they create safety hazards and how then will we proceed?
- Are all safety concerns acknowledged?

2. If something unfamiliar occurs...

- Is it safe to be near the equipment/sample after a failure?
- If safe, are the results still valid?
- If not, how can we prevent or deal with this situation in the future?
- If the results are still valid, should we run it again anyway?
- If it is not safe, do we need to shut off the equipment or evacuate the area?
- How do we make the area safe?
- What went wrong?

3. When the definition of success is uncertain...

- What do the results actually mean in context of the use of the test sample?
- What factors could change the results of the tests?
- Which are the most important to the success of the test?

4. During the test review meetings...

- Are the results what were expected?
- If not, what could have caused the unexpected results?
- Did we learn a better way to perform the test or analyze the results?

As leaders in chemical process safety, nuclear plant safety as well as industrial plant, we stay vigilant in all things related to our own staff's safety as well as our customers.  Feel free to post the attached visual if it helps you and your team stay on track.  For more like this, visit our site's list of HuP (Human Performance) Tools. For more help, please call 630-323-8750

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