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Fauske & Associates has been dedicated to assisting companies with their plant engineering to avoid severe accidents from happening. Click here for more articles from us!

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In a recent issue of Safety & Health Magazine from the National Safety Council, author and speaker.
Do you have the electrical engineering expertise to help you understand and address electrical arc.
By Technical Lead Benjamin C. Doup, PhD and Chief Technology Officer Ken Kurko   Fauske &.
Enjoy our new format with articles:    INTRODUCING! Fauske Emergency Relief System Tool (FERST).
Operational nuclear facilities and legacy reprocessing sites have unique engineering challenges to.
One of FAI’s experimental laboratories Day to day operation of an industrial plant requires.
By Guest Blogger Bryan Christiansen For an operation that deals with hazardous substances, the.
Under certain conditions, a vortex – a spiraling motion of fluid within a limited area – can form.
  Presented at a DIERS Users Group meeting in Germany "Using the VSP2TM to Perform Relief Sizing On.

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