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Posted by AnnMarie Fauske on 01.31.17

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Please enjoy one of our many courses,  visit us or with us:
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February Calendar -

Jan 30-2/2 Combustible Dust Project Support, Tulsa, OK

1 - Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) for food producing customer, Richfield, WI

1-2 - Combustible Dust Project Support, Tulsa, OK

6-9 - Combustible Dust Project Support, Tulsa, OK

6-10 - Performing DHA and PHAs, St. Louis, MO

6-12 - Attend ADEES kick-off meeting, Wuhan, China

9-10 - Visit to energy company, Minneapolis, MN

13-16 - Combustible Dust Project Support, Tulsa, OK

15-17  - Cable testing, nuclear power plant, Covert, MI

16 - Support visit to government-based customer, Hartford, CT

20-21 -Provide process safety awareness training, Kalamazoo, MI

22-24 - Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) innovation project demonstration and installation, New Stanton, PA

22-24 - Combustible Dust Project Support, Tulsa, OK


March 1 - Come visit our booth at the Indiana Safety and Health Conference & Expo, Indianapolis

March 21-22 - Join us for our course: NFPA 652–An Introduction to Dust Hazard Analysis at the Courtyard Phoenix Airport, AZ Click here for Course Info

March 27-29 Join us for "Review and Analysis of Recent Cyber Security Attacks"  poster session at the 13th Annual Global Congress on Process Safety, San Antonio.  Click here for abstract. 

September 25-27 - 2017 National Safety Council Congress & Expo in Indianapolis, IN 

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Is My Dust Combustible?

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