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NFPA 652 Introduction to Dust Hazard Analysis and Advanced DHA Courses in Special Presentation

Posted by The Fauske Team on 07.23.19

AERODYNE NFPA 652 brochureJoin the NFPA 652 Introduction to Dust Hazard Analysis and Advanced DHA Workshop Special Presentation Workshop for Continuing Education Credit (CEUs) at Aerodyne Environmental Office, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, October 29-30.

Day 1's course will ensure all participants are aware of important issues associated with NFPA 652 and describe how this standard interacts with other relevant NFPA codes and guidelines. A special emphasis will be placed on explaining the requirements for a Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) and an overview of the methodologies that can be employed to perform a DHA. The course will also include a logical approach to characterizing a powder's hazardous dust properties, as well as a description of various techniques used to control and/or avoid dust explosions in a safe and compliant manner.

Day 2's Advanced DHA Workshop will focus on how to organize, lead, and implement the DHA study. This will include how to utilize appropriate test methods to determine potential dust hazards; as well as how to apply appropriate mitigation techniques to prevent or control combustible dust hazards. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to apply DHA methodologies to realistic combustible dust scenarios.

Aerodyne Environmental is offering special pricing to customers and new contacts. Link here to course info and registration. To register, please email: FAI Please direct instructor questions to Ashok G. Dastidar -

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Topics: Combustible dust, DHA, dust hazard analysis, Combustible Dust Hazards Analysis


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