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Process Safety Starts With Basic Lab Safety

Posted by The Fauske Team on 07.09.18


Was looking for something lighthearted to blog about with regard to this serious topic when I found "The 10 Most Important Lab Safety Rules". The images are fun and some of the suggestions basic reminders, but really, aren't reminders what's needed most?

Here's a short list of items that are key to process safety and lab safety:

1. Don't skip steps. Ever.

2. Know where all emergency equipment is and how to operate it.

3. Understand how to operate all equipment in the lab.

4. Go over lab safety rules regularly. Schedule it.

5. Do drills regularly. Schedule it. Don't be afraid to look for things to improve on each time.

Process safety involves the in depth look at all the steps taken to create a product.  Possible interactions due to heat, movement, composition and timing are all required assessments prior to production.  Process Safety Management (PSM) and other forms of Risk Management can include: Combustible Dust Hazard Assessment (DHA) Explosion and Fire Hazard EvaluationProcess Hazard Analysis (PHA)Hazard Identification Risk AnalysisConsequence AnalysisSafer Process Scale-upProcess Safety Management (PSM) Program Development, and Relief System Design Review.

But, it all starts with the lab, the facility and management's ability to put safety first.  

For more information or questions regarding process safety, please contact or 630-323-8750.

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