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Spring 2019 Process Safety News

Posted by The Fauske Team on 05.02.19

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Click here to download your PDF copy of our Spring Process Safety Newsletter.

  • Peak Pool Boiling Critical Heat Flux True Hydrodynamic Limitation
  • 5 Things Every Plant Manager Needs to Know About Combustible Dusts
  • ARSST – Things to Check to Perform a Successful Test
  • My Material Doesn’t Look Like a Dust, Do I Still Need to Test It for Explosibility In a Dust Cloud?
  • Temperature As An Ignition Source: Which Test Do I Choose?
  • Safer Scale-up of Batch and Semi-Batch Reactions
  • FAI Welcomes Jacky Shoulders as Nuclear Services Manager
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• AIHce EXP 2019 - May 20-22, Minneapolis, MN
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  • Relief System Design Course October 16-18 at FAI Headquarters, Burr Ridge (Chicago), IL
  • Fall 2019 DIERS Meeting September 16-18 Chicago-Burr Ridge featuring Dr. Hans K. Fauske

 FAI Process Safety Newsletter

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