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Fauske & Associates, LLC has provided a tremendous amount of support to help build our Cable Aging Management program. They have helped me in the past to ensure a well-documented independent environmental walkdown was conducted. They have also provided us from time to time with field cable testing issues where we needed an independent review and aided us with troubleshooting options. Most recently, they braced us with necessary test equipment along with world class training and field support to help with in-situ low voltage cable testing capabilities. I really appreciate all the timely support, attention to details, and technical knowledge their team has provided me. And, I wish to continue to gain from their excellent support in future.
- Raihan Khondker, STP Nuclear Operating Co.
FAI‘s extensive knowledge in seismic analysis was essential in creating a tank design that fully complies with the stringent plant design basis requirements. The diligence of FAI’s technical experts and project management provided Westinghouse with a design solution that mitigated major changes to the tank design which would have resulted in increases to the cost and schedule.
- Shelley Leonard, Westinghouse
What FAI did for the sizing of the emergency relief device for our vaporizer is awesome work. We are very glad they proactively worked toward enabling this important methodology at FAI to help us with this unique, urgent, and low sample volume project.
- Gary S. Bartley, Ph.D., Milliken & Company
FAI was very professional and proactive in meeting our project needs and timeline. Their results and recommendations were instrumental in considerable capital and time savings in terms of eliminating equipment and redesign costs. We appreciated their experience in this area and their approach of simulating a complex problem using well-designed experiments that captured the basic physics.
- Deepak Doraiswamy, Ph.D., GE Aviation