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Fall 2018 Process Safety News

Posted by The Fauske Team on May 25, 2020 5:21:37 AM

process safety risk based assessment news

Read up on the latest in risk based inspection, chemical process, thermal hazards and relief system design as well as combustible dust including: 

    • Further Clarification of Non-Equilibrium and Equilibrium Flashing Flows Through Top Located Safety Relief Valves (SRVs)
    • Flow Regime and Blowdown Testing
    • FAI Adds GS/MS Instruments to Tool Set
    • Safeguarding Against Dust Explosions in Agriculture
    • Flow Regime Characterization in Emergency Relief System Design
    • GC/MS Applications: Combustion Analysis
    • One of These Things is Not Like the Other: Differentiating Hazard and Risk in Safety?
    • Explosions in the Grain Industry – Why?
    • Equipment Qualification (EQ) and Obsolescence
    • Courses NFPA 652 - An Introduction to Dust Hazard Analysis plus Advanced DHA Workshop


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