How To Collect A (Potentially) Combustible Dust Sample Video

Thu, 12/17/2015 - 11:54 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Wondering if your facility may have combustible dust? In some cases, less than 1/4 inch layer of dust can


explode or ignite. Here's a demonstration of how to collect and ship a sample to a lab for testing. Every plant, in industries including food, pharmaceutical, wood, agricultural, cosmetic, petrochem, plastics, manufacturing and more can be at risk. Testing is inexpensive and can help to determine which collection units are best suited to your plant.  


We receive questions daily regarding potential dust explosion and combustible dust hazards and what to do -  so we thought a video blog-worthy!  Give us your feedback on what else you'd like to see regarding plant safety. Or, contact us with any questions at or 630-323-8750.

Common Questions Regarding Dust Sample  Collection, Preparation, and Testing


Chemical Process Safety and Dust Combustion
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