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By Ursula Malczewski, Chemical Engineer,  Risk Management, Fauske & Associates, LLC

In the fall of.

By Ronald L. Allen, MS, PE, CSP, Senior Consulting Engineer, Fauske & Associates, LLC


By Sara Peters, Marketing Specialist, Fauske & Associates, LLC

When an explosion and fire shook.

Wondering if your facility may have combustible dust? In some cases, less than 1/4 inch layer of.

Just because nothing's happened yet doesn't mean it's not about to. Are you still wondering if you.

A SIMPLE REAL TWO-PHASE FLOW CORRELATIONBy: Hans K. Fauske, D.Sc., Regent Advisor, Fauske &.


Is My Dust Combustible?

A Flowchart To Help You Decide