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By Ken Kurko, Process Safety Services Director, Fauske & Associates, LLC Colder temperatures mean.
9-11 and lots of emotion and vulnerability hit us again on Friday. I was just finishing up a jam.
By: Jens Conzen, Manager, Structural Services & Vibration and Gabe Wood, Acting Manager, Thermal.
Per James Burelbach, PhD, Manager, Waste Technology & Post-Fukushima Services, Fauske & Associates.
A General Strategy for the Safer Scale-Up of Batch and Semi-Batch Reactions -with Richard Kwasny,.
By Chuck Kozlowski, Manager, Thermal Hazards Testing & Consulting, Fauske & Associates, LLC  Just.
By Charlie Askonas, Chief Testing & Safety Engineer, Fauske & Associates, LLC Background The Vent.
Part 3 of 3 part series -  Here, we consider the obvious application of the ARSST™ (Advanced.
Our company has long been known for characterizing outcomes our customers would rather not.

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